2003 World Record Set:
18 days, 4 hours, 51 minutes!

The Mississippi River Challenge for
Rett Syndrome & Leukodystrophy

- May 10, 2003 6 AM to May 28, 10:51 AM 2003-

A 2,348 Mile Marathon to Support a Marathon of Research!

Bob Bradford, forward position, Clark Eid, in the back, approaching L & D 24

May 27, Tuesday














Tuesday, May 27, 2003


Paddlers arrived 01h08 at White Castle Ferry Landing.

It has been another event-filled day for Team Hope. Mike and I left with Bob & Clark from Knox Landing this morning for a 14-mile paddle. I shot some really cool video footage of the paddlers, including clips of Bob & Clark passing a barge, Clark snoring, and Bob falling asleep while paddling. There was some confusion concerning where Mike and I would be picked up (the Angola ferry landing has two locations on the west bank). A few sat phone calls later and we determined that the crew was at one of the two ferry landings, while Mike, Bob, Clark and I were at the other. Mike and I gave Clark & Bob the drinks we had in our canoe, and they departed. Mike and I talked to the Ferry captain and watched the local wildlife (including a six-foot gator) while waiting to be picked up by the road crew.

The three road crew vehicles travelled to Baton Rouge, where we set up camp near the Argosy Casino. Angie, Mike, Denise and I took off in Angie's car to get a pizza. We found a Domino's Pizza, went inside, and ordered. Denise went back to the car to wait for us. As she was sitting there, she heard the squealing of tires, and looked up in time to see a pickup truck rear-end a car stopped at a stoplight in front of the Domino's. From inside we heard the crash, and looked outside to see that three vehicles had been involved in an accident. We told the Domino's employees to call 911, and rushed outside.

I went to each of the three vehicles and asked if everything was alright. An elderly woman in the middle car--who had apparently been rear-ended and then struck the car in front of her--was clearly in pain. I asked her where she was injured, and she said that her neck hurt. I told her that we had called the police, and that they would be there soon. I stayed next to the driver's side door of her car, and waved cars by who came up behind us. I had Mike bring me a piece of paper and the sat phone, and I asked the woman if there was anyone I could call for her to let them know what had happened and where she was. I tried her son, but he was not home. I then tried her neighbor, and when I reached her, explained what had happened and where we were. They drove down to the scene--which was just a few blocks from their house--about ten minutes later. The police and ambulance arrived after what seemed like a long wait (about 20 minutes), and, as it appeared the situation was under control, we departed for the river.

Upon arriving at the Casino, we saw that Don Keller and Desiree Loeb-Guth were there to meet us. Desiree had a HUGE banner with her, which we strung up between two of our vehicles. When Bob & Clark arrived at around 18h00, we used the banner as a backdrop for lots of photos. Several reporters were there, and they commenced to taking pictures and interviewing the paddlers and crew. In between photos and interview questions, Bob & Clark gobbled down a Domino's Supreme pizza. After a short break, they were back on the water. Bob prepared to take a nap as Clark paddled away under the Casino bridge.


Road Crew Finish Time Bets

Denise: 8 AM, 28 May
Angie: 1 PM, 28 May
AMG: 2:12 PM, 28 May

5/27/03 7:48am I just heard that the boat will arrive in Norco La. sometime around 11a. That puts them in New Orleans at about 6p. Andrew/Stan please let me know if we will be on the Algiers side or the NO side near the moon walk .

Bob Bradford called to say he wanted to give me a jingle while Clark paddled (finally!). They are are mile marker 151 or 152, and gave me the lat/long to call in for our maps. They hit heavy heavy fog at mile marker 170 or so and have been going fairly slow, for safety.

I told him about our bet for the final time and told him I was betting they would finish Wednesday, and that most guesses were for Wednesday. When I asked him his best bet, he said, "Well, what's today?" I told him Tuesday, he said "Well, yeah, probably tomorrow during the daylight". I asked for a more specific guess but he refused to cooperate, citing that I was pumping him for information so I could win.... and then saying if he guesses a certain time, he might speed up or slow down to make it....he also informed me that betting was illegal and kept laughing and he kept laughing and kept changing the subject....

He said Clark was paddling hard and fast, gritting his teeth as he went, and Bob hoped Clark was not going to break the paddle..... and then said he was going to sleep now..... Good night Bob!



I'll guess: Wednesday May 28, 11:32 a.m.



It Now looks like the team will be in Algiers/New Orleans this evening around 7pm. They will most likely pull up on the Algiers Point ferry dock. New Orleans area folks should come and join us on the levee this evening while we wait for the crew. To get there take the canal St. Ferry across to Algiers or drive over the bridge and look for us at the ferry.

From Dana Hanson:

Heard from Stan at 9:45am.  He indicated he achieved his own world record a short time ago -- slept for three straight, uninterrupted hours!  We discussed his shattering that record in just a couple days, when he plans to go for eight!

When Clark & Bob went thru Baton Rouge yesterday, the crew got some good video of them paddling with the Coast Guard vessel behind them.  Must have been quite a sight -- a low 18' canoe followed by a towering 55' vessel! 

The support crew is waiting for Bob & Clark in Norco, LA.  As soon as the crew arrived last night, they were quickly spotted and visited by a Shell Oil security truck. It was right on their tail to check on them - just to be sure they weren't members of some terrorist organization.  Hehehe.  What a sight that must have been!  I'm sure our bedraggled Team Hope Support Crew looked somewhat questionable.....

The paddlers are expected in about 4 to 5 hours (from 9:45).  That seems like quite a long stop at one location, but Stan reminded me it is a 50-mile stretch since their last meeting.  Currently the weather is cool, with a nice breeze.  He has on his shorts for the first time - yesterday he described as miserably hot.  They are on a huge point, so the paddlers shouldn't have any problems finding them.  According to Stan, they have "nothing to do for three or four more hours."

Two Rett families showed up this morning, one person being Karen Miller.  Karen was a big help to the Double Helix Team two years ago.  They brought  - bless them - Krispy Kreme donuts, fresh fruit, coffee, milk, orange juice, and who knows what else!  They are taking the crew back in shifts to Karen's home so they can shower and clean up - getting all the crew excited over this prospect!  Stan said he had a Wet Ones bath just last night & feels pretty good, so he doesn't know what the commotion is all about!  After the paddlers arrive, the families will be serving a Cajun Pasta dinner for all.  Mmmmm, gooood!

Just a quick call from Stan at 5:45pm. The crew is at the Algiers Ferry which leads into New Orleans. They are expecting Clark & Bob around 6:30pm.

Clark called about 6:45 PM CST from Algiers Point, LA. Said it was a long, hard haul today, very windy. Baton Rouge to New Orleans was a nasty ride - big waves (6 to 8 feet rolling...), big wind, and big barges. There was heavy fog last night, which required both of them to paddle, and neither Bob nor Clark got much sleep today either. Clark sounded tired. Their next spot to meet the road crew is Belle Chase, LA to restock.

Paddlers will arrive at the Belle Chasse Ferry Landing in about five minutes.


After arriving at the Norco, LA boat ramp at around 06h30 this morning, the crew got some much-needed shut-eye. Karen Miller arrived at the boat ramp sometime later.

From Dana Hanson earlier, I forgot to blog it:

Two other women with Karen Miller are Angie Cohoes and her sister Kara.
Angie has a daughter with Rett. Angie took Stan & Jon to her home for
showers and also did some laundry for the crew. When they returned to the
landing spot in Norco, it was discovered that Bob's laundry had gotten done,
but not Clark's. Angie took Clark's back to her home to do it, also!
Thanks, Angie! I know Clark's wife appreciates it, even if Clark would
rather auction it off the way it is!! Whew...

Around noon today, the crew received a call from Bob & Clark. The wind
shifted and is again somewhat behind them. As a result, they were only four
miles out. Surprise! They weren't expected until 2pm. Hectic city once

By 1pm, everybody (including the paddlers) is at Norco, LA (River Mile 127).
There are six or seven Rett and Leukodystrophy families there meeting and
greeting the paddlers. And everyone is chowing down on Cajun Pasta!

They have tentatively decided on all the remaining stops. Once they leave
Norco, their next stop is 32 miles away. So, folks, get out there & greet
them, and paddle with them if you can! Just watch out for the ocean-going
vessels! The remaining stops are --
Algiers ferry (RM 95)
Belle Chasse ferry (RM 76)
Hache Ferry (RM 49)
Ft. Jackson (RM 19)

Once they arrive in Venice (RM 10), they will be escorted by one of the
Plaquemines Parish fireboats to --
Mile Zero

Can you believe the end is so close?! Has Mary extended the time within
which you can cast your vote in the Race For The Cure Contest?!? She


Mary and Dana

You both are doing a great job keeping us all informed. I keep coming back to the computer every few minutes to see if there is a new update. There are a lot of people wishing the best for TEAM HOPE. Thanks for your hard work! We'll be waiting for the great news tomorrow (around 11:32 a.m., right?)!!!!



At Norco, LA: